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Supporting Jordanian Handicraft and Design

To celebrate the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, the Embassy of Sweden in Amman arranged a one-day event to engage Jordanian producers and handicraft artisans in discussions around sustainability and circularity. Today, Jordan’s handicraft producers are comprised mostly of small businesses and artisans that are struggling to compete with cheap imported souvenirs. There is…
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A user centered approach to circular product design

With the overall aim to increase the understanding of how products can be designed for exchange, Jonatan Rosman has explored what a user centered approach to circular product design may entail. In this Use2Use initiated master’s thesis project, Jonatan explored what types of products that are relevant for people to exchange and mapped out a…
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Opportunities to Design for Exchange

In their master’s thesis project, Elin Hagman and Lisa Wendt explored how products can be designed for exchange. Initially they identified product characteristics that make products suitable for exchange and later developed a set of design guidelines that can be used to design products and services that make it easy for people to circulate products.…
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Best paper award DRS 2018

We are very happy to announce that our latest paper – Re-framing Product Circularity from a User Perspective – was ranked as one of the 15 most recommended papers at the DRS conference 2018. You can access the paper in Volume 5 (pages 2046-2057) of the DRS conference proceedings.

Proceedings of DRS 2018

Design as a catalyst for change was the theme for the Design Research Society conference 2018, which was held in Limerick Ireland 25-28 June. One of the many contributions was our paper Re-framing Product Circularity from a User Perspective. It introduces the concept of Use to Use and discusses implications and opportunities for design. The…
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A new Sustainability Guide for Designers

The Swedish Industrial Design Foundation has lunched a new Sustainability Guide! It has been developed in the research project EcoDesign Circle and provides information and support for designers to accelerate their sustainability work. Taking a Use to Use perspective on circularity is highlighted as one important method for prolonging product lifetimes. Check it out!

We are looking for new collaborations

Want to team up and explore what opportunities a Use2Use-perspective may entail for you? Great, we are currently planning new research activities and thus looking for new partners. Give us a shout if you want to discuss opportunities for collaboration!

Paper accepted to the DRS conference 2018

Our latest paper, which introduces the Use2Use perspective, has been accepted for publication at the Design Research Society conference 2018. Join us at the conference to discuss what implications and opportunities Use2Use entails for design.

Design for Exchange Master theses

The Use2Use-perspective highlights several new design strategies that can be considered when exploring opportunities for new circular offers. Design for Exchange is one such strategy that can be used to develop services and products that enable and facilitate circular consumption. The potential of this specific strategy will be explored through two master thesis projects during…
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Let’s reconsider shoes’ end-of-life

How can system and product redesign facilitate a prolonged life and proper material recycling for the Swedish footwear company Icebug? This was explored by Mariell Bjuhr and Lovisa Wargsjö in their Master’s thesis in Industrial Design Engineering. In the thesis, they take a user perspective and focus on the full customer journey when presenting concepts…
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