Circular Journeys Exploration Pack

The Circular Journeys Exploration Pack supports designers and other agents to increase their understanding of how circular consumption processes are carried out and how people experience such processes. People can engage in circular consumption in many different ways by, for instance, renting, leasing, borrowing and buying pre-used products. Such consumption processes comprise various activities and decisions during three main phases: obtainment (gaining ownership or access), use and clearance (resigning ownership or access).

The tool enables charting of people’s consumption processes step-by-step so that people’s activities, decisions and experiences can be explored and critical hinders to circularity can be unveiled. Gaining insight into consumption-related design challenges is essential if one aims to design products and services that make circular consumption preferable to people.

The Circular Journeys Exploration Pack includes a set of different pieces that facilitates the charting of people’s consumption processes. The pack can be used in many different ways and for different design activities in the early stages of a design process. For instance, the tool can be used to chart journeys for different types of consumption processes (or especially interesting segments of such processes), different types of products and different consumers. The tool can be used to chart consumption processes that have already been thoroughly researched through user studies but this is, however, not a prerequisite for using the tool. The tool can be used to chart existing consumption journeys based on empirical data or to mediate new user studies to gain novel insight. Moreover, the tool can be used to prototype future journeys and to compare and evaluate different journeys. A guide with examples of how to use the tool can be downloaded here. Feel free to explore how you can make use of the tool in a way that suits your needs and is relevant for your organisation. Depending on how you wish to use the tool you may need one or several packs to be able to chart relevant journeys.

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