Raw Materials and Circular Societies Prize

We are so proud to annouce that the Use2Use Design Toolkit received the EIT Raw Materials and Circular Societies Prize 2021 in the category “New tools / methodologies to support circular design for products and services”! The competition is an initiative by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) and the jury consisted of […]

Discussing circular design tools with EMF

We have had a busy couple of months running workshops and writing papers. One of the most enjoyable events was a session with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation last week. We were invited by the foundation’s design team to introduce Use2Use and run a short workshop. Apart from talking about the Use2Use Design Toolkit and potential […]

What makes users circulate stuff?

Elin Ljungberg and Sandra Sköld, both studying Industrial Design Engineering at Chalmers, is working on their master’s thesis; “What makes users circulate stuff? User incentives and barriers in circular consumption“. The project of 60 credits started during the fall of 2020 and will finish by the summer of 2021. It aims to investigate users’ behaviors […]

Digital student

These weeks we have been busy running online workshops with students at Chalmers University of Technology. We are trying out digital versions of the Use2Use Design Toolkit in respons to Covid-19 and current safety recommendations. In this particular workshop, students in the master course “Circular Economy” worked with the Circular Designs Ideation Pack to come […]

Cultivating a circular

Recently, we were invited by the strategic management agency Goovinn to share our thoughts on the circular economy, present our research and arrange inspiring workshops on how to design for circular consumption. Around 20 people from Goovinn joined us to explore circular challenges related to multiple users and to ideate concepts for how to enable […]

New project: Design for Circular

Yay! We have received new funding from Familjen Kamprads stiftelse to dissiminate our newly released design tools and try them out together with companies. During three years, we will explore in what ways the tools can be of value in development processes and assess the extent to which developed offers can contribute to circularity. We […]

The Use2Use Design Toolkit

We are proud to introduce the Use2Use Design Toolkit! The Use2Use Design Toolkit includes five mind-expanding packs designed to support development of products and services for circular consumption. The tools accentuate the role of users in the circular economy, thus providing an important complement to the focus on production and business models which often prevails […]

New project: Kvarterets Konsumtion 2030

We are happy to announce that we have received funding from Västra Götalandsregionen for the project “Kvarterets Konsumtion 2030” (Consumption in the Neighborhood 2030)! The project will be led by Science Park Borås and aims to explore opportunities for smaller towns to support sustainable consumption in local neighborhoods. Four smaller towns in the west of […]