Design for Circular

In the research project “Design för Cirkulär Konsumtion”, we worked to dissiminate the Use2Use Design Toolkit and also tried out the tools together with companies. Our main research objectives were to explore in what ways the tools can be of value in development processes and to assess the extent to which developed offers can contribute to circularity.

Five partner companies were engaged in the project: CEVT, Husqvarna Group, Valtech, Yovinn and EmmaMalena. Together with these companies, we carried out various activities to activate a Use2Use mindset and make use of the tools in different development projects.

During the project we also arranged a number of events in which other organisations had the opportunity to learn more about the tools and try them out.

The project was funded by Familjen Kamprads stiftelse and carried out between 2020-2023.