Use2Use Thinking Activation Pack

The Use2Use Thinking Activation Pack provides an introduction to understanding, addressing and supporting product circularity from a user perspective. It introduces the challenge of underutilised products, and accentuates the role of users in the circular economy, thus providing an important complement to the focus on production and business models which often prevails in industry and academia.

The pack comprises a set of 19 educational cards, each underlining an important aspect relating to users’ roles in product circularity. Using the cards will provide insight into what circular consumption is (and what it entails for people) and an initial understanding of how you can enable product circularity in people’s everyday life.

Anyone can use the cards, but they’ve been developed especially for designers, business strategists, product and service managers and policy-makers. The cards may be used as you see fit; in seminars, meetings, workshops and so on. Use them to stimulate learning and discussion activities.

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