Discussing circular design tools with EMF

We have had a busy couple of months running workshops and writing papers. One of the most enjoyable events was a session with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation last week. We were invited by the foundation’s design team to introduce Use2Use and run a short workshop. Apart from talking about the Use2Use Design Toolkit and potential […]

Digital student

These weeks we have been busy running online workshops with students at Chalmers University of Technology. We are trying out digital versions of the Use2Use Design Toolkit in respons to Covid-19 and current safety recommendations. In this particular workshop, students in the master course “Circular Economy” worked with the Circular Designs Ideation Pack to come […]

Cultivating a circular

Recently, we were invited by the strategic management agency Goovinn to share our thoughts on the circular economy, present our research and arrange inspiring workshops on how to design for circular consumption. Around 20 people from Goovinn joined us to explore circular challenges related to multiple users and to ideate concepts for how to enable […]

Join us for Cradlenet’s next member meeting

We will be joining Cradlenet’s next member meeting on June 3 2020 focused on circular design. We will talk about how a Use2Use mindset can help companies to develop more user-centric circular offers. We will also introduce our design toolkit and organise mini-brainstorm sessions facilitated by our Circular Designs Ideation Pack. During the member meeting […]

Chalmers Sustainability

On the 8th of November, it was time for this year’s edition of Chalmers Sustainability Day. This year’s theme was Circular Economy and the event included masterclasses in the morning and workshops sessions in the afternoon. Various topics were discussed, such as urban metabolism and resource flows, design opportunities and measures, and service-based value chains. […]

Prototyping and testing design tools

This year we will be very busy prototyping and iterating our Use2Use design tools. Yesterday, we tested a new tool for charting circular consumption journeys together with master thesis students involved in projects aimed to facilitate and strengthen sharing initiatives and the peer-to-peer market. Today, we will continue to develop this tool to make it […]

Student ideation session

Today, students in the course Design and Product Development for Sustainability were challenged to re-design products with the aim of making them more fit for circular consumption processes. By thinking through which activities and practicalities people are faced with when for instance renting a suitcase instead of buying one, the students identified important needs and […]

Supporting Jordanian Handicraft and Design

To celebrate the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, the Embassy of Sweden in Amman arranged a one-day event to engage Jordanian producers and handicraft artisans in discussions around sustainability and circularity. Today, Jordan’s handicraft producers are comprised mostly of small businesses and artisans that are struggling to compete with cheap imported souvenirs. There is […]

Explorative workshops at Hultafors

We have developed a first version of our tool to support industry in exploring circular opportunities. Together with Hultafors Group, we have tested the tool during two workshops. Facilitated by the team from Chalmers, representatives from Hultafors Group developed ideas for new services and product features with potential to support circular consumption patterns. One key […]