Order the toolkit

So you want to order a hard copy, great! We offer hard copies at cost price – 3000 SEK excl. VAT. For Swedish orders, please add your request in the form below. We will confirm your order as soon as possible. For international orders or other inquires, please send us an email to hello@use2use.se and we will get back to you.



    The price is given in SEK excluding VAT. Shipping within Sweden is included. For international orders, shipping will be added and additional fees and taxes may apply. The toolkits are sold by Chalmers University of Technology. The invoice will be sent by Chalmers to the email provided, unless otherwise agreed.

    Please note that this is a request form and that we have a limited number of toolkits available. The order becomes effective only after you have received a confirmation email from us. In case you want to cancel your request, we ask you to inform us promptly by email to hello@use2use.se.

    By ordering the tools you agree to our terms of use.