Multiple Use-Cycles Exploration Pack

The Multiple Use-Cycles Exploration Pack consists of a set of empathy cards with which you can identify design challenges of particular relevance to products that will be used by sequences of users. By using the cards, you may also gain insight into how certain frequent activities in circular consumption processes make it important to re-prioritise product requirements. The set includes 14 empathy cards, each underlining an important aspect to consider when aiming to design products for use by a sequence of users.

The cards have been developed for designers, user researchers, product and service managers, for their own use, or with users of circular products and services. The cards are designed to stimulate a relay session in which a group of 4-8 people use the cards to explore people’s needs and concerns and identify important design challenges. Before initiating a session, you should choose a product, a product model, or a product type that you want to discuss and bring it to the session. Additionally, you can also define a consumption scenario to base your discussion on. For instance, you may want to explore how people feel about renting the chosen product if that is of special interest to you. During the session, the product or a depiction of it is passed between participants. Each time the product is handed over, the “new user” draws an empathy card and follows the instructions on it. The card will highlight a specific need or concern, trigger discussion and support the identification of related design challenges.

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