Research team

The Use2Use mindset and the Use2Use Design Toolkit are the results of an explorative and iterative research process that was initiated by Anneli Selvefors and Sara Renström in 2013. Since then, a number of researchers, industry representatives and students have contributed to the underlying ideas, the identified design strategies, and the developed toolkit. The key researchers that have been involved throughout this process are Dr. Anneli Selvefors and Dr. Oskar Rexfelt at Chalmers University of Technology.

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Anneli Selvefors currently has a Post-Doc position and is the coordinator of the research area “Circularity and Sustainable Product Use” at the division Design & Human Factors at Chalmers University of Technology. She explores design opportunities to enable more people to live a sustainable everyday life. Part of her research addresses how products, services and systems can be designed to enable and mediate less resource-intensive everyday activities. Her research also addresses sustainable consumption in a wider sense and opportunities for transitioning to a circular economy. She specifically explores how product circularity can be tackled from a use(-r) perspective and what challenges and opportunities circularity entails for design.
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Oskar Rexfelt is currently associate Professor at Chalmers University of Technology. His research concerns the relation between humans and technology, more precisely the relation between users and technical solutions. The focus has been on developing, applying and evaluating methods and processes that improve the understanding of this relation, in order to elicit data that are helpful during development work. When developing a product/service, such data would typically include the users’ needs and requirements, as well as the users’ thoughts on concepts or prototypes that are under development. Within this field of user-centered design, Oskar is specialized in user acceptance of more complex solutions, e.g. services & PSS (Product Service Systems).
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